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Teach for Bangladesh


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Project : Teach For Bangladesh Headquarter
Location : 210/A-2 Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Dhaka
Built-up Area : 10853 sft.
Cost of Project : (US$) 94,920.00

Studio Dhaka Ltd. was handed the challenge to create a more minimalist yet brighter headquarter for TFB, featuring collaborative open-plan workspace. Also, since TFB is a donor-based welfare organization, there were fund limitations due to the charitable nature of their business. As a consequence, the concept of the project goes completely “against the wind”: A low-lying building constructed by materials of lowest possible cost. Studio Dhaka Ltd. followed a design philosophy that quite resonates with the Bangladeshi design aesthetics, with rooms that are typically light, airy and bright, with modern furnishings and natural materials, especially wood to complete the style of cool, calm and uncluttered working spaces.

Low energy consumption was another goal of the project, making utilization of the shadows of the existing trees mandatory. As a result, the pods have been arranged in an alternative manner on the opposite sides of the circulation. Through this thoughtful journey, the concept of the whole project evolved as “Weaving the Nature”.

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